Bob Bly, author of 100+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” reveals ....

What to say to your clients, prospects, and other folks you do business with -- in any situation!

Your client said that? Then you should say this….

Do you ever encounter situations when your prospect or client says or does something that you don’t know how to respond to?

For example, when the client says to you….

“Your price is too high.”

“We’ve decided to go in a different direction.”

“Do you have experience in our industry?”

“Do you guarantee results?”

“The check is in the mail.”

“We don’t like your copy.”

“Your copy didn’t work.”

Well, in our combined 70 years in business, Ilise Benun and I have successfully handled and resolved dozens of common problems in: prospecting ... customer service … complaints … follow-up … and communicating with customers.

Now, in a new recording of our live training program, What to Say When, we give you simple and concise language…

…all tested and proven to work for decades in the real world, with actual prospects and clients…

…for defusing, resolving, and even eliminating any problems you have or may encounter in your freelance copywriting, consulting, or service business.

So, when you find yourself in problematic situations, you can respond with ease … confidently, clearly, and correctly …

And say just the right thing to keep your clients happy – while getting the results you desire.

Handling “sticky” client problems—once difficult, now easy.

In What to Say When, you’ll discover how to communicate with and handle people in dozens of different scenarios, including:

  • The client says something you don’t understand. Now you can ask questions and get clarification – without being embarrassed or fearful that the client will think less of you – which she won’t, when you follow our script.
  • A prospect says your prices are too high. How to respond in just the right away. So that you move forward -- and close the sale – with leads who are a good fit for you. And quickly screen out the ones who are not.
  • A client hasn’t or refuses to pay your bill. Collect your late and unpaid invoices. Get paid in full. Put more money in your pocket. Avoid the hassle of sending collection letters, collection agencies, or going to small claims court.
  • Inveterate “brain pickers.” Adroitly deal with people who keep asking for free advice, but never offer to pay for your time or expertise. Get rid of moochers gracefully, without incurring their rancor or displeasure.
  • Prospects and clients who won’t make decisions. Stop these people from waffling. Get them to say “yes” or “no” in a timely manner. Get decisions deferred back on track and stop lucrative projects from stalling or even getting derailed.
  • Clients who never follow your advice. Avoid frustration and disappointment by having more realistic expectations—and getting clients to listen better, and act as you advise them more often.
  • Prospects who say, “We are talking to other copywriters/freelancers/etc.” Use the “Silver Method” to turn the tables—and instead of putting you off, get people to actually become eager to hire you--often right away.
  • Clients who say, “We’ve decided to go in a different direction.” Uncover what they really mean. Then know exactly how to respond to them. Calmly and without blowing your cool.
  • Coping with “scope creep.” How to handle clients who keep expanding the project – and asking you to do more work – without offering you more money. So they gladly pay you more money when they ask for more work.
  • Prospects and clients who “ghost” you. You have a good initial phone call or email exchange. Then you follow up. Repeatedly. But the client, who initially seemed interested, remains silent. Here’s what you can say to get them to continue the conversation—and get things moving again.
  • Clients who are unhappy with you work. When a client says “we hate the copy,” you think it’s a disaster. But it’s not. Here are a few proven things to you can say to get to the root of the complaint – which is often not nearly as bad as you think. So then you can resolve the problem quickly. And make the client happy again.
  • And more….

By having the clear and straightforward client communication scripts in What to Say When at your fingertips, you will be able to successfully and quickly:

  • Know exactly what to say in any situation.
  • Eliminate hesitancy and fear.
  • Get people to be more responsive.
  • Spur them into action so they do what they said they would do.
  • Build and maintain great client relationships.
  • And much more.

Bottom line: the experienced-based scripts in What to Say When can help you make more money, save time, prevent untold grief and agita, sell more of your services, and keep clients happy and satisfied--year after year!

Our students say it best!

"My takeaway was that we, as workers in our own businesses, can empower ourselves to take a breath and think about how to respond."
--Erika Zeitz

"It was very good stuff and I really enjoyed the interaction. You covered my issue: no client response after submitting the copy! It reminded me to further tighten up my contract wording and timeliness.
--Lane Sennett

"Great fun and greatly informative. Love this new format exploration. Engaging."
--Apollo Moonfire

"Wow! This training with Bob Bly and Ilise Benun is packed with valuable information—you two hit it out of the park—gems."
--Connie Revoldt

"Extraordinary training session. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it—it was a live demo of how you work."
--Conrad Winter

"So grateful … thank you … unforgettable … useful … actionable."
--Tiffany Hart

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